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"at the center of yourself you will find everything and everyone, nothing and no-one, you will find your true self"


The Wisdom of Centered Living.

Centrosophy is another way of looking at life.  In times of chaos, it helps us to handle life, our relationships and our work in a more balanced way.  It supports our being healthy, so we can lead a full and rich life. It stimulates and promotes an extensive degree of self-sustainability and we can get an overview of the many different aspects that determine our lives.  It helps us to experience life in a more centered way. 

Centrosophy - a view on life

Centrosophy  is a view on life in which the Centering® model is used as a tool, in which science goes hand in hand with the universal laws. The universal laws reflect the underlying dynamics of order and harmony in the universe. Centrosophy puts people in a centered place and looks at the dynamics between the different levels: the personal, relational, ecological and Cosmic level. It helps to look at life circularly and see the entire picture, without losing sight of the connections. It is a way of bringing ourselves back to connectedness as well as learning to rediscover the strength within ourselves; a cross disciplinary that helps people to look at life in a non dualistic way. Above all, it is a way of life, day after day.


Centering is about exploring our bodies, our relationships, our lives and our soul.  Centering is about finding out who we are, how we relate to others and why we are here

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Centrosophy - the inspirers

Kurt Pattyn, Centering practitioner, Osteopath D.O, founder and co-inspirer of the Souldance institute in Belgium, has many years of personal experience in bodywork, relationship dynamics, native and oriental wisdom and meditation skills. He has used his experience as a practitioner and coach of people and groups to delevop Centrosophy as a philosophy and Centered living, the related Centering® model and its application to the body, Bodyspirit. All of this together is called Centering. 



Centering practitioner®, Osteopath D.O., Physical Therapist, Herbalist, Centering coach®, Centering facilitator®


Physical Therapist, relaxation and breathing therapist, certified 5Rhythms® teacher,  Open Floor movement, Therapy in Motion. Centering coach®, Centering facilitator®

About us

Souldance - a Centrosophical Centre


It is our vision to spread the Centrosophical way of thinking in society and implement this view of life day after day through Centered living.  We want to carry out the Centrosophical way of thinking through the Centering® model by Kurt Pattyn, in a variety of disciplines e.g. the medical and paramedical fields, in companies, organisations and in education; to spread this view of life by organising professional trainings, ongoing trainings, growth paths, workshops, presentations, sessions, in a group and/or individually, customised or based on existing modules.  A think tank made up of people with other disciplines, actively explores this view of life, studies it in depth and observes its implementation in different sectors and layers of society. 


Souldance is a platform and a knowledge centre, where a group of enthusiastic therapists, coaches and trainers join forces starting from the Centrosophical way of thinking. It is the base where Centered living is offered and experienced through processes of consciousness and professional development, with the objective of integrating the Centrosopical principles in daily life.

Souldance is a knowledge centre where Centrosophy and Centered living are researched and promoted.


"Throughout the years a number of important psychological models have been drawn up, but the Centering® model doesn’t fit into any of them. What is more, many models, however, do fit perfectly into the Centering® model."

Geert Vercruysse business psychologist

Discover the philosophy of Centered Living.