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The Centering® model revolves around 6 important centrosophical principles.

360° vision: a circular system

The dynamics between the 4 main aspects: the physical, mental, energetic and emotional aspect are indissolubly interconnected and have to be treated equally.  It is a circular system and an and-and story.

All aspects are connected to each other.

To fundamentally change something in your life, you need to dive into all 4 aspects.

360 to the power of 4 : integrates the 4 levels and helps us to see everything as a whole

Not only does the model apply the 360° vision, it also integrates the different levels and dimensions : the personal level, the level of relationships, the ecological level and the universal level.  A company, organisation or school can also be approached from these different levels and 360°.



It is not enough to just look at things as a whole.  Without connections, the ‘whole’ is a collection of fragmented parts.  The worldwide web offers us an enormous platform of information, but when we are not logged in, in other words when we are not connected to the internet, we can’t use is.  We need to connect ourselves to that ‘whole’ to have access to all our possibilities.  That’s how we learn to discover and use the qualities within ourselves.  Making connections or triggering them puts something into action, helps us to recharge our batteries and teaches us how to put them into practice and apply them to our lives.  The power of connections enables the ‘whole’ to function optimally and as a unity.



Everything is interconnected and functions in accordance with specific dynamics and principles.  Everything influences everything else through connectedness. 

There is a constant dynamic that causes certain results.

Fields of intelligence

Looking beyond the shape.
How do you get an idea to realise something?
Everything is energy with a specific intelligence.  We tap into a field of intelligence to achieve something.

The centering principle

We live in a physical body and a physical reality that is connected to several levels and dimensions outside ourselves.  As long as we think in terms of in and out, good and bad, positive and negative, we are stuck in duality.  The centering principle teaches us to look beyond duality and to see our human body as a holographical body that contains the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors, the earth and the universe (bodyspirit). Only when we can fully accept ourselves and not see ourselves separated from others, the earth and the universe, we can grow towards more strength and unity.

Discover the philosophy of Centered Living.