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Centrosophy is for everyone

Society is developing at an enormous speed.  Technologies follow one another rapidly and boundaries are fading.  There are advantages to this evolution, but it also results in difficulties and challenges.  Health and family are increasingly under pressure and companies, organisations, schools realize that some systems have become inadequate, but they don’t always have the right answer on their way to innovation and change.

Training Embodiment in health care //NEW//

Embodiment is becoming more and more popular in health care. Research shows that the process and the applied therapy are even more effective if a link with the patient's body is established. We from Souldance have been working with the human body for almost 30 years now and throughout those years we have developed a method that an easily be applied in your practice as a pshychologist, psychotherapist, osteopath, dietician, podologist, speech therapist, mindfulness trainer, yoga therapist,  music therapist, stress and burn-out coach, etc.

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The personal growth path - Centered living

Centered living is a path towards wisdom based on the Centering® model.  It is an experiential process towards growth in which awareness plays a key role.  The growth path is meant for people who want to make a profound inner journey.  For a period of time, you chose to work on exploring who you really are and finding out what is keeping you from materialising your qualities. 

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Professional training Centering® practitioner – health care

The Centering® Practitioner training is an experiential training that teaches you to see your client and the process of their life as a whole and to support him as such.

In this training, the physical body is used as a gateway to get in touch with the wisdom within the body.  Additionally, the practitioner learns how to use the dynamics of the centering® model and how to give coaching advice.  During a session, the centering practitioner uses hands-on techniques.

Additionally, anatomy, physiology, neurology, biomechanics, embryology, therapeutic skills, etc. are studied profoundly.  We emphasize that this training is grounded in scientific theories.

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Professional training Centering® coach – health care, organisations and companies

The Centering® coach training is an experiential training that teaches you to see your client and his life process as a whole and support him as such.

We use the interview as a gateway to more insight in the person’s process or life path. Apart from that, we teach the client physical skills, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and show him/her how to apply them in his/her daily life.

Additionally, coaching techniques, methods applied to the typologies, pathologies, the centering® model and the different layers of bodyspirit, therapeutic skills, etc. are tackled in-depth.  This training is grounded in scientific theories (anatomy, physiology, neurology, etc.)

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Professional training breathing and relaxation counselor- health care, organisations and companies

This training provides health care professionals with tools to design personalised programmes with relaxation and breathing techniques that meet the needs and the personality of the client, based on the Centering® model.  The acquired techniques have proven useful and are scientifically grounded and accepted in the health care sector. Additionally, coaching techniques are being taught.

These two years are also the start of the centering coach training. After this training, you can sign up for the 2 master years to become a centering coach.

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Professional training Centering® facilitator – companies and organisations

This training teaches you how to apply the vision of the centering® model to your own field of expertise, organisation, professional field. 

A facilitator uses the centering® model as a framework to bring about changes and reach objectives within an organisation, the staff or himself, that stimulate creativity and wellbeing and enable everyone to optimally use his or her competences and skills.  The objective is to integrate centered living & working.

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