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  • What does the word centrosophy stand for?

    Centrosophy = centering & sophia or wisdom.  It is a view on life in which you can use the Centering® model as a tool for you own life and body, leading to another way of living : Centered living.

  • What does centering mean?

    Centering is about exploring our bodies, our relationships, our lives and our soul.  Centering is about finding out who we are, how we relate to others and why we are here.

  • What is centered living?

    Centered living is a way of life based on the Centrosophical way of thinking.  It is a process of refocusing and rediscovering ourselves, with the objective of having a closer contact with our essence and being able to live it out within our families, organisations and companies, … It takes us from surviving to living, from dreaming to realising, from not knowing to insight, from doubt to clarity, from separateness/separation to connectedness/connection, from thinking to experiencing, from knowledge to wisdom, from fear to faith and from trapped to transformation.

  • What is embodiment?

    Embodiment means that all our emotions, thoughts and strenghts are present in our body.  The more we know them, the better our capacity for embodiment or the more we are in contact with our physical bodies. 

  • What can I use centrosophy for?

    Centrosophy, in combination with the insights of the Centering® model, teaches us to look at life in a specific way and to apply this vision to our lives, our relationships and our work, in other words, to come to centered living. 

  • Who is centrosophy/centered living for?

    Centrosophy is another way of looking at life.  In times of chaos, it helps us to handle life, our relationships and our work in a more balanced way.  It supports our ‘being’ healthy, so we can lead a full and intense life.  It stimulates an extensive degree of self-sustainability and we get an overview of the many different aspects that determine our lives.  It helps us to experience life in a more centered way.

  • What is bodyspirit?

    Bodyspirit is about the power of our body, about getting to know it and experiencing it.  Not only does every structure or part in our bodies have a certain function, it  also carries specific emotions, thoughts and strengths.  Our body is the gateway to all our possibilities and skills.  Bodyspirit gives you certain tools and focus points in your body for you to use in life whenever you need them.   

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