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About Centrosophy

Centrosophy is a view of life that allows you to use the Centering® model in your own life and body and that can guide you to another way of living : Centered living. It is a holistic model that can be applied to yourself, to relationships, professionally, in companies, schools or organisations.  

Centering - a complete package

Centering is about exploring our bodies, our relationships, our lives and our soul.  Centering is about finding out who we are, how we relate to others and what why we are here.

To come to this, we use the Centrosophy philosophy and its tools.

Centering - a view on life

To come to Centering, we use Centrosophy, another way of seeing the world : looking circularly and seeing the complete picture, without losing sight of the everyday connections that make up our lives as human beings.  A way of life, day after day.


The CenteringĀ® model - a tool

The Centering® model is a dynamic, experiential tool that enables us to reconsider health and health care methods.

The Centering® model  offers a platform where all therapeutic models, therapists and treatments can be brought together. The model encourages people to be more self-sustainable and it gives them tools to reconsider their issues and cope with them in another way.

The Centering® model can also be applied outside health care. The model moves from a philosophy that can be applied to relationships, our professional lives, companies, schools, organisations, sports centres, etc.

The Centering® model  revolves around 6 important centrosophical principles.

Bodyspirit - the application

How can we apply this to the human body?
Bodyspirit is the Centering® model applied to the human body on a cellular level and can give us more insight into certain strengths, knowledge and wisdom within our bodies.

Bodyspirit is a way of studying the intuitive wisdom of ‘the body’ in depth and opening it on a cellular level to get in touch with other layers of consciousness within and around the body.

Centered Living - a way of life

Centered living is a way of life based on the Centrosophical way of thinking.  It is a process of refocusing and rediscovering oneself, with the objective of having a closer contact with his or her own essence and being able to spread this within the family, the organisation, the company, … It takes us from surviving to living, from dreaming to realising, from not knowing to insight, from doubt to clarity, from separateness to connectedness, from thinking to experiencing, from knowledge to wisdom, from fear to faith and from introspection to transformation.


Discover the philosophy of Centered Living.